Smart Wireless Messaging Tool (SWM)

A smart tool developed for easy messaging (SMS) using Modem or Gateway which can be easily integrated with applications like Fault Monitoring, Inventory Systems, Banking System  etc.. to send messages programmatically based on the events.

For e.g.. If installed in a SMB organization where there are Fault monitoring applications like HP OpenView, Nagios etc.. are configured, the SWM can be easily integrated with these applications to send SMS based on some Nodes/Applications going down or not working as expected. By using this, even if the support person is not at his desk, will come to know about the incident immediately.

This is a web based application which can be accessed by multiple people / applications at the same time.  SWM provides API’s for sending SMS. Also, SWM can be configured to send SMS using Gateway or Modem. It can also receive SMS. Based on certain Key words (Configurable) in the received SMS, we can trigger appropriate jobs automatically. Diagram below shows a pictorial representation of SWM architecture.

SWM tool can be

  • Used as a normal SMS sending application from any PC’s on the network
  • Integrated with any event based alerting system (e.g Inventory system, NNM, NagiOs etc..) to sent SMS based on the alert
  • Used with a home grown alerting or any event based alerting systems to send Messages
  • Used to automatically trigger some jobs without being connected to the network


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