OpenLM is a complete license-management solution that saves companies time and money by providing them with advanced software metering, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

Because of its ability to effectively consolidate software usage, OpenLM is quickly becoming an essential resource-saving tool in the world of modern business.Designed with versatility in mind, OpenLM can be configured to meet the needs of any organization, small or large. From firms with less than a dozen employees to fortune-500
companies that rely on the efforts of countless personnel, businesses of all sizes are utilizing OpenLM to ensure that their valuable licenses are being used as efficiently as possible.

It is designed to be utilized in a unique manner that provides IT managers, supervisors, system administrators, and end-users with numerous methods of improving license efficiency

  • Know who is using your licenses, at any point and anywhere in your organization
  • Optimize their workers license usage and ensure that software licenses are available to those who need them
  • Monitor software-usage patterns to plan license purchases
  • Investigate the license-usage patterns of teams and individual users
  • Plan and implement a billing policy for license usage
  • Plan license purchases and schedule maintenance renewals

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