Samartha Culture

Samartha is a privately owned IT consultancy professional services organization, specialized in business computing technology and infrastructure solutions. Samartha offers flexibility for it’s passionate professionals to contrubute in any of the verticals of Samartha. Samartha exhibits hunger to be upbeat with latest technologies in it’s services portfolio, to ensure that the employees and customers are benefited with changing dynamics.


There is always a gap in what you want to achieve and what you land up doing. It's only at Samartha that this gap narrows and disappears as you grow along with the company.
To get what you want you should have what it takes to achieve your goal. We at Samartha work towards achieving individual and company's goal.
Are you an achiever? Then go-ahead and have a look at what we have to offer you.

Why to join SAMARTHA

Ten reasons to join us:


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Samartha’s ability to align resources to the required service domain using it’s own Center of Excellence & bench management initiatives facilitates options to scale as per the needs. The employee friendly policies, along with reference based hiring, has helped in reducing attrition.

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Samartha mandates certifications for it’s employees as part of it’s training programs. Additional certifications are always entertained @ Samartha, for mutual benefits. Services delivered through certified engineers makes it more reliable, assuring quality services.