IT Infrastructure Management


Samartha delivers infrastructure management services to many large information technology companies and enterprise businesses. We work
together with our clients to solve the operational hassles of administration, monitoring, maintaining and optimizing business applications and infrastructure. This helps our customers achieve the
balance between business and operational priorities, keep the infrastructure fully operable, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Our service delivery model is based on ITIL framework, robust and agile transition methodology. This ensures smooth transitions into steady-state managed support, based on service level objectives.

  • 360 degree IT assessment consulting service.
  • Readiness assessment of your IT for Infrastructure for enterprise grade security and seamless data management.
  • Increase IT agility by modernizing IT infrastructure.
  • Simplify data management and operational efficiency with multi-cloud environment.
  • Next Gen application management and support services through a defined principles and methodology, based on multiple cycles of operations.
  • IT service desk support along with monitoring, scheduling, managing routine operations of the business applications for effective business continuity.
  • Enterprise infrastructure management and support services.
  • Managing overall IT Infrastructure across server and storage, application and database and network and security.
  • Integrated platform with native tools, customer provided tools and open source / proprietary tools to report and manage the performance, availability, capacity, efficiency of the IT infrastructure.
  • Install, configure and maintain the latest technology desktops, laptops, printers, scanners etc.
  • Troubleshoot issues with hardware, OS and applications installed on desktops with our complete computing support model.
  • Business impact assessment of applications in a multi-cloud environment for effective business continuity plan.

Design and implement processes and tools with state-of-the-art innovation and efficiency to reduce the associated service management costs. These include assessment, deployment, patch management, license, asset management and deskside support etc.

One of the major and most effective ways to increase IT agility and scalability is Server Virtualization. The use of virtualization techniques are at the server level, with storage, and even on the desktop. The main advantages of virtualization are efficient utilization, high availability, security and cost-effective. Samartha has an experienced team worked on many IT server virtualization technologies and we will assist you in looking at this issue and can help you to control the technology sprawl and its related costs.

Samartha is proud to offer VMWare, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, VirtualBox, Azure, AWS as virtualization solutions.

These platforms allows to :

  • Server partition
  • Workload virtualization
  • Build a personal / private cloud
  • Scale services in a public cloud
  • Integrate hybrid cloud

Our agile Network Management Solution synchronizes data and network layers to improve quality as well as network capacity.

Network Monitoring and Reporting – 24×7 monitoring to include proactive problem identification and resolution of a enterprise IT environment, historical trend information and up-to-date performance analytics.

Cloud Networking – The need for business agility, digital transformation, scalable and secure connectivity have made network modernization an implicit priority thus helping enterprises to deploy digitalization supported by a cloud network that is Secure, Mobile, Agile, Robust and Transformative.

Administration and Troubleshooting Devices and Services – Automated procedures and analytics identify and fix potential problems of devices and services before performance is affected.

Network Security and Backup Management – Approaches include the use of the top and latest version IPS/IDS tools to monitor all network end points, automated backups, service restoration, image maintenance and rollbacks.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical support center, We provide world-class server management services and technical support for Windows and Linux servers.

Server Monitoring and Reporting – Covers all operational parameters done onsite or remotely with server monitoring tools that provide utilization, performance analytics and availability reports.

Administration and Troubleshooting of Servers/ Services – Includes all aspects of relevant ITIL processes, installing / upgrading / patching of servers.

Server Security & Backup – Highly customized capabilities, updated as threats evolve to ensure that critical resources have up-to-date patches and are able to defend against known vulnerabilities. Backup and recovery includes incremental or cumulative approaches covering clients, servers and storage units.

Cloud computing services are changing how businesses use information technology. Today, most of the IT needs can be fulfilled by cloud services. Although there’s variety of cloud computing services, all such services have certain basic structure in common, and all can be categorized into a few basic cloud service types.

  • Cloud architecture, design, modernization roadmap, implementation.
  • Hosting, migration, disaster recovery services.
  • Infrastructure Management – Proactive monitoring and management of server, storage, datacenters and Software Defined Networking ( SDN ).
  • IoT, AI, RPA – Digitalization, analytics, process automation.

We are in an era where everything is becoming digital. We offer Remote Infrastructure management services for smooth and effective running of IT Operations. We work with our clients to design, implement and manage your IT Infrastructure in a flexible manner.