Web and Mobile Solutions


At Samartha, we provide tailor-made Web and Mobile solutions to our clients globally. We are providing value to our clients making sure that their every requirement is fulfilled with our enthusiastic and experienced team which has strong knowledge and technical expertise in Web and Mobile solutions.


We are ' Samartha ' to take up your business into next level !


Bespoke Website Development – Custom Website Development for businesses of various industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, government, real estate etc.

Custom eCommerce Solution Development – Including eCommerce solution development for physical product eCommerce, digital product eCommerce and service eCommerce.

Web Application Development – Including client side and server side application development ( Hybrid Application Development ) for different industries.

Mobile Application Development – Custom Native Application Development for Android and IoS platforms.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning tools including Operations, Finance, Projects and other Business Processes Management.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management System to easily manage Leads, Proposals, Estimates, Customers, Invoices, Projects, Sales etc.

AI / ML Solutions – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions in various business industries for analytics, automation and operations.


Create an exemplary shopping experience for customers with our 24 * 7 run online store powered by state of the art eCommerce engine.

If you want your eCommerce store attract more traffic and sell more, it must be a purple cow amidst a sea of black and white cattle. It must have its own identity, an interface that makes things easy for customers and also features that will engage them more. Be it a single vendor marketplace that is truly owned and managed by you, or a multi-vendor store where multiple vendors with multiple stores arrange virtual storefronts under one brand name, our custom eCommerce development services can meet all your requirements.

Features of eComXpress :

  • Responsive UI Design
  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Search Functionality, Analytics, Dashboard
  • Payment Gateway Integration, Invoice and Reports
  • Customers, Orders and Shipping Management
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management
  • Service eCommerce
  • Marketplace

It’s a comprehensive solution suite for growing businesses to manage the Sales, Operations, Customers and achieve operational efficiency and improvise profitability as a result.

With NitroCRM you can manage the Leads, Proposals, Customers, Projects, Tasks, Expenses, Sales and Project Staff Timesheet, Invoices, Payments, Support Tickets.

Never miss a project deadline schedule or customer inquiry / issues with NitroCRM implemented for your business.

Features of NitroCRM :

  • Separate Dashboard for Admin & Sales Team
  • Manage User Roles and Access Privileges
  • Quick snapshot of the Overall Sales activity in Single Screen
  • Manage the Contact Details
  • Manage the Organizations / Companies Data
  • Lead & Follow-ups Management
  • Schedules & Reminders

Champion LMS – An online learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated LMS ( Learning Management System ) to create personalized learning environments. It can help the organization achieve seamless communication in the remote working and e-learning era. It has a multilingual capabilities , customized in any way and tailored to individual need.

Features of Champion LMS :

  • Live classrooms
  • Class / Schedule Management
  • Instructor Management
  • eLearning Marketplace
  • Online Payments

SwiftExams – SwiftExams is a highly scalable, secure, tried and trusted platform for conducting Entrance Tests and Online Exams. This advanced Exam Management System ( EMS ) provides a platform for education institutions, coaching / training centers conduct online exams seamlessly.

Features of SwiftExams :

  • Question Bank Management
  • Mock Tests and Entrance Tests
  • Lessons, Quiz Based Learning
  • AI Based Live Exams
  • Custom / Automated Evaluation
  • Certificate Generation

Skool – Skool is a school management tool which provides advanced options to manage school’s information, students and parent information, exams, attendance, assignments, accounts and payments, transport, library, messaging etc. This Educational ERP helps to keep all the school information organized and secured.

Features of Skool :

  • Student and Parent Information Management
  • Attendance, Assignment, Exam Management
  • Invoice and Payment Management
  • Library and Transport Management
  • Bulk Messaging

A cloud based barcode integrated warehouse inventory management and point of sale billing solution that solves the problems of tracking live inventory, real time sales across geographically spread stores.

POSwift makes the billing and inventory management process easier with its advanced options and enable users to make swift progress in managing their business.


Features of POSwift :


  • Cloud – Based Barcode Scanning Option
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Customer Management
  • Billing and Reports Management
  • Multiple Geographical Stores